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Baby Jogger® Awards & Honors

Baby Jogger is a company that gives top priority to satisfying its customers, both adults and children, and is most rewarded by the happiness of families. As an innovative and dynamic leader in the sector, the company's success is acknowledged day after day by prestigious associations in the sector and by international awards.

  • National Parenting Publications.jpg

    National Parenting Publications

    The National Parenting Publications Awards' independent panel of judges have extensive experience working with children and parents. Each year they evaluate hundreds of products so that parents can make the best purchasing choices for their families.The City Mini, the Summit 360, Summit XC and the City Select have won this award.

  • JPMA Innovation Awards.jpg

    JPMA Innovation Awards

    The JPMA Innovation Awards highlight the most exciting new products in the juvenile industry. Each year, more than 100 companies enter their latest designs in hopes of winning their coveted award. Entries are judged on their innovation, marketability, trend-setting potential and usefullness. The City Select has won this award.

  • PTPA Media.jpg

    PTPA Media

    PTPA Media's professional panel of judges research new products and evaluate them based on functionality, quality, value and appeal. Receipt of this award is a statement the your product is “Parent Tested and Parent Approved.” The Summit XC, City Mini Double, City Mini GT and the City Select have won this award.

  • Mother & Baby Awards.jpg

    Mother & Baby Awards

    The Mother & Baby Awards offers juvenile product manufacturers the opportunity to gain industry and consumer recognition for their outstanding products. Each product is vigorously tested by numerous parents and rated by respected baby experts. The City Micro, City Mini GT and the City Select have won this award, and the City Mini has won three times.

  • Australian International Design Awards.jpg

    Australian International Design Awards

    p>The Australian International Design Awards are recognized for setting a benchmark of design and quality in manufactured goods. While they do not currently offer a juvenile product division, the City Mini has won an Australian Design Award in the "Consumer Goods' category.
  • iParenting Media.jpg

    iParenting Media's

    iParenting Media's award-winning network includes over forty sites devoted to the family lifecycle. Their panel consists of a group of diverse parents, experts and licensed childcare centers who provide a credible and objective method of recognizing exceptional products for families. The City Mini has won this award.

  • Good Design Award.jpg

    Good Design Award

    The Good Design Award is Japan's comprehensive design evaluation program based on the theory that to be surrounded by beautiful designs can enrich society as a whole. The Good Design Awards have honored over 35,000 products since it was established and has earned an incredible reputation. The City Mini has won a Good Design Award.

  • Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.jpg

    Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's

    Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's December 2010 issue included an article naming the Top 10 Baby Products of 2010. Products included in this article were items that stood out above the rest as the magazine evalutated hundreds of products throughout the year. The City Select was included in the Top 10 Baby Products of 2010.

  • Practical Parenting Awards.jpg

    Practical Parenting Awards

    The Practical Parenting Awards are presented by MadeforMums.com, a division of Magicalia in the UK. MadeforMums.com offers comprehensive professional and user generated reviews of important products in the baby and child industry. The City Mini Double and the City Elite Single have both won a Practical Parenting Award.