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Meet our family Every parent has different needs, and our strollers reflect that. Find the right fit for you, whether that means a quick trip to the cafe or jogs on the trail with the whole family.

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City Mini2 3 ruote Stroller

A reliable ally in every situation
€389.00 - €399.00

City Mini2 4 ruote Stroller

Compact and stable, without compromises
€449.00 - €459.00

City Mini GT2 Stroller

Agility, comfort and safety for a life without limits
€549.00 - €559.00

City Elite2 Stroller

Explore the world in style and without limits.
€679.00 - €699.00

CityTour2 Double Stroller

City Tour 2 Double

City Mini 3 Stroller

Lightweight Durability with Style

City Mini 4 Stroller

Lightweight Stability with Style

City Tour2

€319.00 - €339.00

City Tour Stroller

A combination of elegance and compactness to follow you everywhere

City Mini Double Stroller

Stylish, Slim (for a double) and So Easy

City Tour LUX Stroller

Ultra-Compact, Fully Featured

City Select LUX

The stroller that grows with your family
€849.00 - €869.00

City Elite Stroller

Explore without limits
€689.00 - €699.00